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Hospital Lift AMC Maintenance in Thane

We are one of the prominent Hospital Lift AMC Maintenance in Thane. We are the licensed elevator contractors by P.W.D, Mumbai to maintain and install all type of lifts. Our inclusive Hospital lift Maintenance service program helps to keep Elevators in minimum stoppage at reasonable cost. Our efficient team of technicians uses high-tech monitoring system for better operational efficiency, guaranteeing best quality service to our clients. For the very same reason we are called the finest Hospital Lift AMC Maintenance inThane.

It is not only mandatory by Government lift department but also essential for your own safety and convenience, to have the AMC of your lift from qualified- licensed elevator contractors. We provide Hospital Lift AMC Maintenance in Thane and our AMCs are designed to meet every customer’s needs in cost effective manner. Our trained and appropriately skilled personnel will examine, lubricate and clean the machine, motor, controller, bearings, guides and the various lift parts if required in order to make minor adjustments to safeguard smooth and safe operation of the Hospital Lifts. Apart from routine checkups and testing, emergency breakdown services are also provided in AMCs.

Any Elevator requires time centric service which promise that its system will function properly, without any flaws. Our Engineer visits for any problem and routine Defensive maintenance for Elevator under our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract. If any of the parts of lifts are not working accurately, we fix it with our repairing service for it as per our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract. Not just this much but we even provide stand by support for the Lifts, under our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract.

We offer two types of Hospital lift AMCs i.e. Comprehensive AMC and Non- comprehensive AMC.At Unique Elevators, we stand out in manufacturing all type of Elevators. We offer a variety of plans and services ranging from non-comprehensive to comprehensive. We even provide spares and labour. You can contact us for your queries.

Why Our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract?

  • We convince proper maintenance of Annual Maintenance.
  • Our comprehensive Elevator Maintenance service program helps to keep The Hospital Lifts in minimum down time at sensible cost.
  • Our efficient team of technicians uses hi-tech monitoring system for better operational efficiency.
  • We promise on-time delivery.
  • Our product has Ease & comfort.
  • Our Service comes at Budget friendly price.
  • Safety assurance .
  • Personal attention to every customer.

About our Team:

  • We provide 365 days breakdown service. Our routine service is done every month by Qualified & Skilled Professionals
  • Our Team makes use of fully equipped quantifiable store with genuine spares & latest tools to reduce the breakdown Period
  • Our team is always trying to safeguard the best quality service to our clients
  • Our well-trained team of skilled mechanics has enough capability to provide our clients with all significant services and control maintenance costs
  • Our Team is always trying to meet the competitive edges and this is the reason that we have earned a reputation we have in the industry

We have developed our own planned program specially designed as per the elevator so as to ensure smooth and safe performance of the elevator. We have fully equipped quantifiable store with genuine spares & latest tools to reduce the breakdown Period.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we are not just termed as best Hospital Lift AMC Maintenance in Thane but also known to be the most remarkable manufacturers & dealers of lifts in Mumbai, India. We are serving our Elevator maintenance services in Mumbai to our clients at reasonable rates is recommended by clients itself. Are you seeking for the consistent maintenance services of Hospital elevators? If so, get in touch with us. With the accomplishment and pride, we maintain to deliver resilient, latest technology base elevators & lifts to our Clients and Customers.

We assure you that our Lifts are extremely safe, and well-designed according to the expectations of our patrons’. Also, to maintain the safety and quality of lifts we even provide Hospital Lifts AMCs. Timely testing and maintenance become quite necessary when Safety is your major concern and you don’t want to risk the lives of people. We are popularly known for Lift Repair & Maintenance and provide Hospital Lift AMC Maintenance in Thane to all our Clients and Customers.

If you are a client/customer and you’re looking for maintenance service or repairs for your Hospital lifts or any type of lift, we would be the happiest to help you out. Call us for further queries.

Call us for further queries.

Hospital Lift Manufacturers in Thane

Hospital lifts are not only used for collective purpose of transportation but also for vertical transport equipment used in hospital and other relevant places to move patients and surgical instruments. We offer Hospital elevators in Auto Door and Manual door operation as per the client's requirements.

We are one of the prestigious Hospital Lift Manufactures in Thane. We manufacture and provide superlative quality lifts that can be used in hospitals for medical purpose. The Top Ranked Hospital Lift Manufactures in Thane, our lifts are popular due to its capacious nature and size. It is specially designed to handle stretchers and wheel chairs. The lifts manufactured are jolt and shock free to provide smooth transfer of people or patients. The Elevator has Flat Panel LED lights that's fixed in the Cabin. Seven Segment Position Indicator, Modern Push Buttons, and Scrolling Dot Matrix LED indicator for Direction.

Special Features of our Hospital lifts:

  • Geared Power Machine.
  • Gearless Power Machine.
  • Renewing Drive.
  • Auto Rescue Device brings the Commuters to the nearest landing in case of power fiasco.
  • The excess indicator in the Elevator warns the passenger if in case the lift has been overloaded.

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Hospital Lift to our prestigious clients. The Vertical transportation system for modern hospitals have special requirements such as capacious & heavy-duty car, smooth & comfortable travel, precise stop with emergency control features and above all, consistency with safety. Our Mission is to manufacture lifts that promise durability and assures the safety of our people. The dimension of the lifts is as per the Indian Standard necessities for Hospital Lift.

We have the ability in producing a broad range of Hospital Lifts and our Team is recognised as one of the finest Hospital Lift Manufacturers in Thane. We focus on the lift size as it has to a perfect fit to accommodate stretchers or any other medical component with no trouble at all. The Features of these lifts are modified as per the client's conditional requirements. The lifts ensure the best possible enactment and smooth operation. These type of Hospital/ Stretcher Lifts are mostly the requirement of hospitals & nursing homes.

Hospital Lifts are exactly same as the lifts manufactured for goods or the service lifts but there is slight modification and that is these lifts are made by keeping in mind that the stray chair may get into the lift and there has to be enough space for the stray chair/stretcher.

The Hospitals and Medical Service Industry involves critical lifesaving activities which includes the transporting of Patients to Different Floors for Different Reasons. The Hospital Elevators at Unique Elevators are designed to perform Day in and Day out activities with its Exceptional Accuracy to save time.

It has a level to be precise, offering smooth and energy efficient Travel. These Hospital Elevators are designed to kill the commuting limitations faced by the patients. Our Lifts are especially designed for the patients who are critical and the ones who needs to be admitted immediately for quick aid. This is why we are in the Top Hospital Lift Manufactures in Thane.It is also designed to carry Bulky Hospital equipments that are 24*7 needed in the hospital.

What's so special about our lifts?

Power activated doors with Full Length 3 Dimensional Sensor to avoid Closing Doors on Probable Passengers

  • Direct to Floor Landing System with Pre Door Opening to Save instant and unexpected entry of the patients’ every time
  • Safe and assured Arrival System
  • Heavy Duty access and the lift works on Auto Rescue Device for removal in case of Power Outage
  • Assurance of quick and Quiet Ride
  • Noise Level in the cabin Always under 45DB.
  • Modern Fixtures
  • Floor Declaration and Music (Optional)
  • You can install the intercom between Cabin and Service Floor Lobby

Hospital lifts are Mission Critical Equipment for your Hospital Building and since we are eminent Hospital Lift Manufacturers in Thane we take it as our responsibility and Guarantee Uptime of the Equipment at the earliest of your notice. Hope Our service satisfies you.

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