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Passenger Elevators: Lift Manufacturer Thane

One can avail a large range of Passenger Lifts from us, which are equipped with advanced technologies and high-tech components. To make your feel comfortable mechanical transportation, we are offering these safety lifts in different specifications. We understand your needs and value your money, so that we assure safety features of these lifts that one can rely on it. These lifts have unique features and excellent operations that control over-speed system.

Standard function:

  • Home landing
  • VVVF drive for door operator
  • Emergency car light
  • Automatic re-leveling with ground floor on power restoration
  • Down collective control
  • Floor position and direction indicator in car and landings
  • Emergency alarm
  • Over speed protection device
  • Attend operation for nonstop destination landing
  • Direction changes function in attend mode
  • Self diagnosis of breakdown
  • Terminal approach slowdown for safety
  • Final limit protection
  • Fireman switch (above 6+7 & 8 passengers capacity)
  • Independent operation

  • Safe to use
  • Comfortable
  • Equipped with latest technologies